Industry Showcase

Orpheus Mind Technologies

We have developed an innovative, evidence-based mental health intervention – the Orpheus Decoupling Process – which rapidly allows you to reduce the bad feelings associated with stress, anxiety, depression, grief, guilt and anger. It also neutralises feelings of compulsion and craving for things like food, alcohol, smoking, gambling and drugs. In under 15 minutes, on average, our users experience over a 50% reduction in the intensity of the feeling, and the effect is cumulative.

Access is anonymous and the intervention works by you listening to our audio tracks and performing the task as instructed in the app, reducing the barriers to seeking help. Each user can access the app with no waiting list, any time of the day or night, from anywhere in the world.

Our intervention incorporates principles from well-studied therapies such as behaviour therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and reconsolidation-based treatments. Importantly, several other psychological principles have been added in an extremely concise and effective format that can be self-administered. The result quickly reduces the bad feelings or cravings you have, leaving you feeling calm.

Two people in the same situation can experience it very differently. This is because our brain views the world through a lens that is formed from a lifetime of previous experiences and expectations of the future. Some lenses are dirty, making things appear darker and leading you to feel negative emotions such as stress, anxiety and guilt. Others have a rose-tint and lead you to see things in a calmer and more positive way.

Our intervention was designed to make changes to the way your brain views the world at a deep level. It’s like having a digital interface to your mind, giving you back control.

Viveca Biomed: Innovation in Female Health

Viveca Biomed is a medical device manufacturing company dedicated to bringing innovation into the female healthcare market, understanding women’s needs and improving their quality of life.

Our flagship product Contrelle Activgard will launch this April. Contrelle solves female stress incontinence. It gives women back control, enabling them to get on with their life, and freeing them from incontinence pads. 

Incontinence is often seen as a taboo subject, yet it’s a condition that affects one in three women and should be something we talk about. The symptoms are physical, but incontinence also has a psychological impact causing high levels of stress, anxiety, low self-esteem etc. It can stop women being active socially and physically. Contrelle can help them regain their bladder control, confidence, and quality of life. 

Contrelle is clinically proven and backed by extensive data. Our seven major clinical trials demonstrate significant improvements in quality of life, with some women regaining bladder control immediately on use and reporting being dry. We are looking forward to introducing the product to the NHS and demonstrating the major improvements in care and significant cost savings Contrelle can deliver without any surgical intervention. Our corporate approach is to continually strengthen our clinical leadership and additional post marketing clinical trial activity is planned. 

The Viveca Biomed team have years of experience in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and consumer healthcare and are committed to the launch of this life changing medical device, with immediate roll out across the UK and Europe. Women can access our product from multiple routes, including NHS partners, pharmacy, retail, Boots, and our own web portal.

We are a UK company based in Ashington, Northumberland, where we have a new high technology manufacturing, R&D facility.

We are currently in a rapid growth phase, and we are focused on developing employment opportunities within the local community.

NIHR Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure (NOCRI)

We can connect you with experts who can collaborate on clinical and health research in order to help develop a potential therapeutic or technology.

We can identify and connect you with the right experts who can help you translate findings from basic science or new technology innovation into the clinical setting.

This service is provided by the NIHR and offers companies:

  • rapid connections to NIHR experts and world-leading research facilities
  • support to set-up collaborations between your company and NHS clinicians and academic partners
  • support to ensure these relationships are managed effectively.

We have a full range of experts available to work with industry partners, including clinicians, laboratory scientists, health economists, statisticians, methodologists, biomedical engineers and world-leading experts and specialists in a range of therapeutic areas.

Interested in working with these collaborations? Contact the NIHR Office for Clinical Research Infrastrucuture: