Dr Will Innes, DO, MRCP, MBBS, BSc


Dr Innes is a consultant medical ophthalmologist for the Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS foundation trust. Having completed the medical ophthalmology training programme, he has dual training in general internal medicine and ophthalmology, with a focus on ophthalmic conditions relevant to systemic disease.

Dr Innes’ main areas of clinical practice are in infectious and inflammatory eye disorders as part of the secondary/tertiary uveitis service, neuro-ophthalmology and medical retina (mainly age related macular degeneration, retinal vascular occlusions).

Effective management of people with these conditions requires close co-working with a wide range of colleagues in general internal medicine and ophthalmology within the trust and the region. Consequently, Dr Innes enjoys a wide local contact network with a very broad range of expertise.

Dr Innes sits on the Trust’s IT Clinical Advisory Board helping to provide clinical steer and governance oversight to the Trust’s Clinical Informatics directorate. In addition to his NHS work he also holds an associate clinical lecturer contract with Newcastle University, Institute of Neuroscience.
Dr Innes’ area of personal research interest is in developing devices and systems with their origins in the ophthalmic world adapted to solve clinical problems in areas of unmet clinical need outside of ophthalmology. This usually requires expertise from different a range of backgrounds and he has assembled teams with members drawn from the NHS, various universities and health technology companies to solve complex problems and develop new technologies and devices. For example:

Identification of biomarkers of neurodegenerative diseases using advanced ophthalic imaging techniques and novel applications of virtual/augmented reality to improve functional vision in patients with disease specific visual impairments.