The GEKO study

Service: SME Interaction

Innovation Pathway: MedConnect (LEAD); R&I JCUH Research: Comm NIHR Portfolio Research

NHS Organisations: South Tees NHS Foundation Trust SG: Injuries & Emergencies

Firstkind Medical developed the GEKO device, which when first brought to market was used in the prevention of DVT. Since then the company have developed the device for use in oedema associated with injury and surgery.

The team at Firstkind Medical were keen to evaluate the device’s effectiveness in reducing the swelling caused by ankle fractures, in order to allow surgeons to operate earlier, thus resulting in a shorter hospital stay for patients and savings to the NHS.

MedConnect North put FirstKind Medical in touch with a trauma and orthopaedic consultant at James Cook University Hospital. The concept was reviewed and thorough feedback was provided to the company on how best to run the trial, factors to be considered, background information that was required, costs to be analysed etc.

The collaboration has resulted in an NIHR portfolio a pilot study, conducted at James Cook University Hospital, ran by Mr Paul Baker and his research team. The study will be used to inform the design of a full RCT to generate robust meaningful research to inform national  and international practice with widespread adoption of the device.

This was Mr Baker’s first commercial study and the team hit 100% RTT recruiting a total of 20/5 patients.

You can download a PDF of this case study here.